ACLU Challenges Fees Charged by Schools in 3 County Districts

As part of the ACLU’s ongoing investigation of complaints by parents and students that their public schools were charging improper fees for a range of student activities, the ACLU sent letters to three additional school districts in the county to determine if fees they are charging students for athletics and other student activities violate the California Constitution.

Earlier in the month, the San Diego ACLU sent a letter to the San Diego Unified School District expressing concerns about fees being charged to students, and requested an investigation and refunds of any fees that had been improperly collected. The district superintendent responded almost immediately, agreeing that it was wrong to charge for uniforms, gym clothes, “spirit packs,” and other dues, and said that the district will end the practice and refund money where appropriate.

Letters were sent today to the superintendents (or interim superintendents) in the Grossmont, Poway and San Dieguito school districts. Click on the links below to view the letters.

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Grossmont Letter

school fees 2010 08 13 Grossmont.pdf

Poway Letter

school fees 2010 08 13 Poway.pdf

San Dieguito Letter

school fees 2010 08 13 San Dieguito.pdf