ACLU Defends Free Speech Rights of Everyone

In today’s Wall Street Journal, writer Wendy Kaminer asserts that the ACLU has gradually moved from defending the free speech rights of everyone to only defending the rights of liberals. This is simply wrong, as a few minutes of research would have revealed.

Kaminer charges the ACLU with failing to weigh in on a San Diego free speech case, Harper v. Poway Unified School District. In fact, this affiliate has been working on an amicus brief for many months, and will be filing it on the schedule set by the court. If she had contacted us, or run a simple internet search, she would have discovered that when Harper filed his lawsuit, our then-legal director commented on the record to the San Diego Union Tribune, saying that “The school district is not empowered to censor based on what they deem inflammatory, it has to be based on a constitutional standard.” He noted that a t-shirt could not be construed as harassment because harassment has to be directed against a particular individual. (Harassment of LGBT students is a problem in schools, and is unlawful. The ACLU of San Diego submitted