Join the ACLU on Sunday, March 2, 2008, for a matinee performance of a searing play, Permanent Collection, that tells the story of an African American museum director, whose appointment sends the museum’s Caucasian educational director into a tailspin. View a rehearsal of the opening monologue (Feb. 12th blog posting) to get a flavor of the play’s themes.

The ACLU will host a post-show discussion covering topics of race, the role of the media, art, and representation, led by Executive Director Kevin Keenan.

We also invite you to a hosted reception, to mingle with ACLU members and other audience members, and to continue to discuss the play.

Learn more about the Mo’olelo Performing Arts Company. To buy discounted ACLU Member only tickets ($12-$15 instead of $20 or $30!), please contact Rebecca Rauber.