Charitable Gift Annuities

The Charitable Gift Annuity is a way to make a gift to the ACLU Foundation that:
– Provides a fixed payment for life for yourself or your beneficiary(ies).
– Immediate federal tax benefits.
– Provides for the longterm support of the ACLU

To establish a charitable gift annuity, you would transfer a minimum of $5,000 in cash or marketable securities to the ACLU Foundation to establish the annuity. No more than two individuals may receive payments from each gift annuity contract, and payments begin no earlier than age 60. The ACLU promises to pay the annuity at a fixed, guaranteed rate. Payments are backed by the full assets of the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation, Inc.

The ACLU Foundation currently offers gift annuity payment rates recommended by the American Council on Gift Annuities.

If you have any questions or would like a detailed proposal please contact us by email ator by phone at (619) 232-2121.

For details see the ACLU Charitable Gift Annuity Disclosure Statement.