Constitution Day

Recommended 2017 Constitution Day Presentation Outline

Constitution Day Powerpoint
This recommended powerpoint provides a special focus on the constitutional protections guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, the post-Civil War amendments, and modern day court cases, national and local, of particular interest to young people. (Version with speaker’s talking points here).

Student Study Guide

Constitution Day Trivia Quiz Powerpoint
Constitution Day Trivia Answer Sheet

Constitution Day In-Depth
Discussion, Questions & Cases: Background on the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, discussion questions, key precedent-setting Supreme Court cases summarized.




Over the years, attorneys have provided their revised (or in some cases, completely unique) PowerPoints for others to share if they like. Feel free to take the best from everyone’s, and create the presentation that focuses on the issues your teacher has indicated are most relevant for the class you’ll be speaking to.

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