Districting & Redistricting: Advocacy and Outreach Materials

Districting, and subsequently redistricting,  can be a powerful tool in empowering historically disenfranchised populations by guaranteeing elected official must live in – and therefore understand – their community. The ACLU of California Voting Rights teams has been involved in numerous local districting and redistricting efforts as well as in California’s statewide redistricting process.

Over the years, we have created supplemental materials to assist organizations and community members in advocating for a fair and inclusive districting and redistricting process.  These materials  are meant to help in both advocacy to government officials and outreach to the community. Please feel free to use whatever materials are applicable to your work and adapt in anyway you see fit.

We owe thanks to the following individuals for their contributions to these materials:

  • Edward Aparis, Lead Community Organizer, Civic Education and Policy Advocacy Network
  • Palma Hooper, Executive Director, Southwestern Center of Asian Pacific American Law
  • Denise Hulett, National Senior Counsel, Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund
  • Deanna Kitamura, Project Director of the Voting Rights Project, Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles

Local Districting & Redistricting
Supplemental Materials for Local Resident & Community Organizers

Advocacy Materials:

Organizing & Campaign Materials: