Eliminating Copays in Prison (AB 45)

Right now, California requires that incarcerated people pay a $5 copay when they seek medical or dental care. A $5 copay is unaffordable for many incarcerated people. As a result, some people wait to seek care until it is an emergency, which puts their health and the health of others at risk. Fair and just access to healthcare is a human right. AB 45 will eliminate prison copays, improve public health, and bring California one step closer to creating more just health care for people behind bars.

Assemblymembers Mark Stone, Reggie Jones-Sawyer;
Co-authors Assemblymembers David Chiu, Ash Kalra, Scott Wiener

ACLU of California, California Coalition for Women Prisoners, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Initiate Justice.

Bill Status [Active]

Introduced (12.03.18)