June 28, 2011

SAN DIEGO – Fearful that the San Diego County Board of Supervisors is considering flawed redistricting maps that have the potential to disenfranchise voters of color and language minorities, a civic participation attorney of the ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties will offer testimony highlighting key provisions of the Voting Rights Act and redistricting legalities.

“The commission’s proposed maps fail to reflect communities of interest throughout San Diego,” said Lori Shellenberger, staff attorney of the San Diego ACLU. “This proposed plan unlawfully dilutes the County’s minority vote.”

Hear Lori's testimony here! Scroll ahead to 1:30:17. Her testimony ends at 1:42:22.
At today’s hearing, the Board will hear recommendations by the Redistricting Advisory Commission (RAC) and review proposed maps before finalizing a new redistricting plan for the county.

The San Diego ACLU will paint a more detailed picture of the legal landscape at today’s hearing, the only scheduled time for public comment on the Board’s proposed map.

The San Diego ACLU fears that Commission's proposed maps will not preserve communities of interest and could violate the Voting Rights Act. Our testimony will explain provisions of the Voting Rights Act, including its requirement that the county map one district in which communities of color and language minorities make up a majority of the citizen voting age population.

The maps can be found on the commission's website. Shellenberger’s written testimony is below. She is available for interview throughout the day.

Lori Shellenberger, the San Diego ACLU's civic engagement staff attorney, is available for interviews and presentations. Contact Communications Manager Jess Jollett at jjollett@aclusandiego.org.

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Communities of Interest Proposed Map

ACLU Proposed Districts.jpg

Census Comparison of Redistricting Plans

Census Comparison of Redistricting Plans.xlsx