We invite you to the ACLU's biannual membership mobilization
Sunday, April 19, 2009
when we gather our members, friends, and allies in the community for:

Action Summit: Reclaiming Our Voices

a mobilization conference to restore our constitution and
fight for equal rights for all people.

We are especially pleased to announce that Rep. John Lewis, a civil rights icon, gifted orator, and principled member of Congress representing Atlanta will deliver the keynote address to fire up our audience!

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The event will begin at noon so as not to interfere with those who wish to attend church services. It takes place at the beautiful Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation, centrally located with plenty of free parking.

Mobilization Agenda
11:30 am - noon

Noon - 1:30pm
Session 1 Workshops

Choose either Border Justice or Taxed 2 Death: The High Cost of the Death Penalty. Click here for workshop details or see brief descriptions and current speakers' lists below.

1:30 - 2:30

1:45 - 2:30
Keynote Speech
Rep. John Lewis

2:45 - 4:15
Session 2 Workshops

Choose either Quality Education: A Matter of Economic Survival or The Faith Community and Marriage Equality. Click here for workshop details or see brief descriptions and current speakers' lists below.

Organizer Training
State-of-the-art organizer tips and training on how to be effective in pressing a freedom and fairness agenda and moving forward social justice issues locally, statewide and nationally. Panelists Dwayne Crenshaw, Executive Director of the Coalition of Neighborhood Councils and Thuan Nguyen, Coordinator for the California Fund for Youth Organizing and Board President of Californians for Justice will lead the session. Free for all registrants!

Awards and Call to Action

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Registration is only $40, which includes conference materials, a state-of-the-art organizer training, lunch, and the keynote speech by Rep. Lewis!

Workshop Details
Session One Choices
Choose one.
Border Justice: Stopping the Militarization of Our Border
Law enforcement along the border becomes more militarized and harsh by the day, threatening the civil rights of individuals and communities living in the border region. Even so, the movement for immigration reform rarely takes into account border-related abuses. As residents of the border region, we have a unique opportunity to advocate for a safe, humane and just border policy.
A panel of activists and victims of governmental abuse will illustrate the many ways that border policy runs afoul of the Constitution, from physical abuse of travelers at ports of entry, to costly and inhumane detention practices, to harassment of motorists at interior checkpoints. Workshop panelists and participants will then discuss how ACLU members and supporters can make a difference in turning the tide against these practices. Panelists include:

Besma Coda,Chaldean-Middle Eastern Social Services
Tim Lamb, victim of checkpoint abuse
Nidya Ramirez, Escondido Human Rights Committee
Pedro Rios, American Friends Service Committee

Taxed 2 Death: The High Cost of the Death Penalty
With California in dire financial straits, isn’t it time that our public officials disclose the true cost of the death penalty? The financial and social costs of the death penalty represent an unnecessary burden to local taxpayers. To learn more before the workshop, visit their website.
For an informative and provocative look at the death penalty and its hidden costs to taxpayers and to learn what you can do to change the equation, join:

Jeanne Woodford, former warden of San Quentin’s death row and former Undersecretary of the Department of Corrections
Kent Peters, California People of Faith
Tom Goldstein, exoneree

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Workshop Details
Session Two Choices
Choose one.
Quality Education: A Matter of Equity and Economic Survival
In order to survive in today’s and tomorrow’s economy, all kids need to be prepared for post-secondary training. Most of today’s jobs are classified as “skilled,” and most require post-high school training, such as apprenticeships, career-technical schools, or advanced academic programs. Currently, in San Diego County only four in ten high school seniors complete the rigorous “A-G” curriculum that prepares students for college and careers. This is a far lower percentage than other large counties in the state. Help San Diego County address the need for a more rigorous, relevant and quality education that prepares students to compete in the changing economy, college and career. To learn more before the workshop, visit their website. Join a cutting-edge strategic planning session with a dynamic panel composed of:

Thomas Barnett, Director of the International Office for Scripps Research Institute
Shelia Jackson, San Diego Unified School Board President
Eduardo Ochoa, Teacher, Center for Social Justice, Lincoln High School
Isidro Ortiz, SDSU Chicana and Chicano Studies Professor and co-chair, Education Consortium of San Diego County
Sakeenah Shabazz, President, African Revolutionary Student Organization, Lincoln High School Student

The Faith Community & Marriage Equality
Months after the California Supreme Court made a historic ruling ending the unconstitutional ban on same-sex marriages, a narrow majority of California voters approved Prop. 8, amending the Constitution to discriminate against same-sex couples. Though the debate over marriage equality has strained relationships within and between communities, it has also provided an opportunity for honest dialogue. Join an interactive dialogue led by members of the clergy, NAACP, and others on ways to improve lines of communication in pursuit of social justice, taking lessons learned from the Civil Rights Movement. Join:

Rev. Madison Shockley, Pilgrim United Church of Christ in Carlsbad
Lei-Chala Wilson, President, NAACP of San Diego
Rev. Molly Vetter, United Methodist Church
Stephen Whitburn and David Miles, moderators

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Rep. John Lewis - Short Biography


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