July 31, 2008

The following may be attributed to Adam Wolf, an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union Drug Law Reform Project, regarding today's California Court of Appeal ruling in San Diego v. NORML, which rejected the contention of San Diego and San Bernardino counties that contradictory federal policy invalidates California's medical marijuana laws:

"Today's ruling provides yet further confirmation that states need not march in lockstep with federal policy, but are free to exempt medical marijuana patients from arrest and prosecution. The ruling is a stinging rebuke to the misguided attempt of a few rogue counties to undermine the will of California's voters and the well being of thousands of sick and dying patients. There is no longer room for these counties, or any others, to hide behind the antiquated federal prohibition of medical marijuana in a vain attempt to flout state law. We hope that San Diego and San Bernardino counties will accept today's ruling and not waste further resources on their doomed and wrongheaded opposition to California's medical marijuana laws."

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