Filing a complaint may affect you legally. Consult an attorney. Also, please read Know Your Rights: You and the Police.

San Diego County Sheriff's Department and Probation Department

If you experience or witness abuse or misconduct, there are three ways to register complaints about sheriff's deputies. You should consider doing ALL of them:

  • File a complaint with the Department. It is much better to submit your complaints in writing, but you may also call or visit a station: List of Stations and Contact Information
  • Call, write, or visit Internal Affairs: (858) 974-2065 (phone); (858) 974-2077 (fax).
  • File a complaint with the County Law Enforcement Review Board. CLERB is an independent oversight body with its own investigators.

San Diego Police Department

Any person who is dissatisfied with police services or believes they have witnessed or been a victim of police misconduct can file a complaint:

  • In person at any police facility.
  • By telephone to the Internal Affairs Unit at (619)531-2801
    202 C Street, 9th Floor, MS 9A
    San Diego, CA 92101
    (619) 236-6296

Other area police departments

To find out how to contact other police departments in the region, consult this listing of local law enforcement agencies.