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Law enforcement officers routinely stop people at their discretion. Black and Brown people experience discretionary stops at far higher rates than white people, despite being less likely to have contraband. Everyone deserves to live and thrive in communities free from racial profiling and biased policing.

In the 2020 Racial and Identity Profiling Act (RIPA) report, researchers found that Black people in California were stopped by law enforcement for “reasonable suspicion” at a rate 1.8 times higher than white people.

We the People must demand our elected representatives do more than talk about studies, cultural training and diversity recruitment. We need deeper investments in our communities. We need non-law enforcement solutions. We need to reduce the presence of police on our streets and end the over-policing of Black and Brown people.

We the People can make communities safer and more just.

Download a copy of the illustrated explainer below.

Versión en Español