Thank you for standing up for our California Values: fairness, safety and transparency.
Together we can stop the anti-immigrant efforts that target people based on race and tear families apart.
By signing this petition, you’ll send a message to candidates and elected officials to stand up for California Values and urge them to  support of the CA Values Act (“SB 54”). Electeds can either introduce an ordinance that strengthens the protections in the Values Act or pass a resolution that stands up for the Values Act and against the Trump administration and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
The Trump administration's lawsuit against the #CAValuesAct undermines our values of community and safety.
Thank you for urging your current and future elected officials to #STANDwithCAValues and reject the Trump administration's hateful agenda
Use this social media toolkit to help let your San Diego County Supervisor know that #SDstandsUP! Get it HERE.
Below are additional ways you can help:

  1. The ACLU will be holding rallies and volunteer mobilizations to talk to voters about the importance of protecting the rights of everyone in our community.  Sign up today!
  2. You can Change your social media profile picture to let people know you support CA Values
  3. Show your support on social media

California passed the #CAValuesAct to protect our neighbors & our resources. We value and support everyone in our community, NOT the Trump administration's efforts to surveil, harass, & separate families. #StandwithCAValues
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