Monthly Archives: December 2011

Castro “Terrorism” Label is Echoed by U.S.

SAN DIEGO – Given the foreign policy of the United States, one would assume that an anti-Castro activist who was imprisoned for more than a decade by the Castro government would be a strong candidate for asylum. But the U.S….

Court Grants Class-Action Status to Mentally Ill Immigrant Detainees

December 20, 2011 LOS ANGELES – A federal court in California has granted class-action status to a group of unrepresented immigration detainees with mental disabilities, an important step in helping ensure they get access to legal counsel. The ruling comes…

Judge Approves Homeless Property Class Action Settlement

SAN DIEGO – More than two years after a series of aggressive raids in which city workers seized and summarily destroyed the possessions of homeless men and women, a federal judge approved a settlement calling for the city to fund…