On FISA Bill, Sen. Boxer Announces She’ll Vote the Right Way, Supporting Civil Liberties

Senator Boxer has taken a firm stand in defense of civil liberties, and announced that she will oppose the unacceptable spying bill due up for a vote in the Senate as early as Thursday. BUT SENATOR FEINSTEIN STILL HAS NOT COME AROUND.

– Washington, D.C. office (202) 224-3841
– District office (619) 231-9712
Please call both of her offices.

The Senate vote is expected on Thursday, June 26!

We need to make clear that the American people do not accept that the White House, the phone companies—or anyone else—is above the law.

Senator Boxer’s statement calls for government accountability and for seeking the truth behind the telecom deal that resulted in a secret program of warrantless spying on the phone calls and emails of innocent Americans. “This bill goes along with the premise that we hold up the Constitution when it suits us, and we set it aside when it hinders what we want to do.”

So, if you have one more minute, please thank Senator Boxer, Rep. Susan Davis, and Rep. Bob Filner for standing up to the abuse of power. You can find their contact information here.

Thank you!
ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties

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