Form an ACLU Club at Your High School or College Campus

Student activism can have a powerful, national impact, and ACLU campus clubs are integral to the ACLU’s mission to protect and expand civil liberties.  Campus groups play many important roles:

  • influencing and educating fellow students
  • impacting school policy
  • raising awareness of campus-related civil rights issues
  • promoting ACLU campaigns

One of the best ways students can work to protect their rights and the rights of their community is through the ACLU Campus Program.

As an ACLU campus group you benefit from the experience and resources of the national ACLU, the ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties, and other campus groups as you work to protect the civil liberties of not just America’s youth but all Americans.

Join a club at your campus or contact us to start a club.

Students are a dynamic constituency who have been an important force for social change throughout history. You are vital force to the ACLU.  Join us!