Have We Become the “United States of Deceit”?

Have you or has anyone you know been coerced by immigration officials into signing voluntary departure papers?
If so, we need to know about it!


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If you were a Mexican nationals with deep family ties in the United States and strong claims to reside here lawfully, would you “choose” to be immediately expelled from the country?  Of course not.  There’s a reason, though, that so many have: coercive and misleading law enforcement tactics that cause those in custody to waive their rights.  Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers in Southern California pressure mothers and fathers of U.S. citizens – some of whom have been here for decades – to surrender their right to seek legal status, virtually signing their own summary expulsion orders in a process known as “voluntary departure.”  Today, the ACLU and Cooley LLP filed a lawsuit challenging these practices.


While driving home from work, Gerardo Hernandez-Contreras called his wife to tell her he was bringing ice cream for their three-year-old son. Before he could make it home, he was pulled over by a San Diego police officer for talking on his cell phone. Read about this shameful practice, and learn how it has affected families, like Aide and her four-year-old son, Jesus.

“Our lives are broken now,” said Gerardo’s wife, Aide. “After my husband was deported, my son could not eat, he could not sleep. We still talk about that ice cream his daddy is going to bring him.”

Help us end this troubling practice!