Intake Form / Cuestionario para Solicitar Ayuda Legal


Because of our limited resources, the ACLU can only accept a small fraction of the cases that are presented to us. We therefore select cases primarily based on whether they will help make positive law.

For more information, click here to find out how the ACLU determines what cases to take.

Esta infomación en español.

If after reading this, you believe your case may be the kind of case we can accept, please download our Legal Intake Form (below).  (If you have trouble accessing it or are unable to print it, call our office at 619/232-2121, and press “7″ to request that an intake questionnaire be sent to you.  We will not be able to discuss your case until we have a completed intake questionnaire.) We cannot accept intake questionnaires or information about your case via fax or e-mail.

Intake Form

Cuestionario (Intake form in Spanish)