Police Practices

New Bill Limits When California Police Can Use Deadly Force

By: Lizzie Buchen @LizzieBuchen As a nation, we must address the brutal reality and deadly consequences of police violence. We have seen far too many people, particularly Black and brown people, killed by police. We... Read More


Eliminating Copays in Prison (AB 45)

Right now, California requires that incarcerated people pay a $5 copay when they seek medical or dental care. A $5 copay is unaffordable for many incarcerated people. As a result, some people wait to seek care until it... Read More

Racial Justice

College Student Right to Access Act (SB 24)

At a time when abortion rights are under attack, California can and must be a leader on abortion access. Right now, most university health centers provide quality health care at low or no cost to students. But campus... Read More


ACLU Applauds Governor’s Proposal to Expand Early Education, Calls for Greater School Support Staff Funding

Press Contact: Daisy Vieyra, 916.824.3266 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 10, 2019 The civil liberties organization urges Governor Newsom and the legislature to allocate increased funding for school counselors,... Read More


ACLU Commends Newsom’s Funding Proposal for Emergency Services for Asylum Seekers at the Border

Press Contact: Edward Sifuentes, (619) 501-3408 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 10, 2019 SAN DIEGO–As San Diego County struggles to address a growing migrant shelter crisis, Governor Gavin Newsom today unveiled... Read More