Education Equity

The ACLU supports and defends equal rights and opportunities for all students.

High quality education so all may reach their highest potential.

Education is the key to strengthening our communities, our economy, and our democracy. Given this, education should be prioritized in the allocation of public funding and other resources.

We support and defend equal rights and opportunities for all students, regardless of their economic background, linguistic ability, race, ethnicity, gender, national origin, religion, mental or physical disability, or sexual orientation.

Every student should get to attend a school that provides a high quality education free from discrimination.

We work for and support the rights of all students to a clean school, safe learning environment, adequate instructional materials, and qualified teachers.

We support the creation of a culture of success at all schools and within all communities so that all students strive to reach their fullest potential.


California School Districts Support Santa Clara County’s Challenge To Trump Executive Orders On Immigration

March 23, 2017 – Dozens of California school districts and leading education organizations today announced the filing of an amicus brief supporting Santa Clara County in its legal challenge to President Trump’s... Read More

Featured Stories

New Study Shows Police Presence In Schools Has Negative Effect On Students

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 19, 2016 NEW STUDY SHOWS POLICE PRESENCE IN SCHOOLS HAS NEGATIVE EFFECT ON STUDENTS LOS ANGELES – Vast policy disparities among California school districts on how and when to summon... Read More

LGBTQ Rights

New California History-Social Science Framework Approved by State Ed Board

SACRAMENTO -  The California State Board of Education announced today that it has adopted a new History-Social Science Framework. The Framework sets out guidelines for K-12 schools to implement content standards for... Read More


Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin: Good News!

In a 4-3 decision announced this morning, the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the Fifth Circuit  decision holding that it is constitutional for the University of Texas's admissions program to consider race as one... Read More

Morse and Lincoln
Police Practices

Reflections on Lincoln High from a Morse Rival

I went to Morse High school, a rival of Lincoln High school, over 20 years ago. While I was at Morse, southeast San Diego was rife with gang violence and racial tensions. Keep in mind that this was just a few short... Read More