Police Practices

Protecting public safety doesn't mean sacrificing civil liberties


Racial profiling, selective enforcement must end.

Good police practices, thorough training, carefully crafted policies, and appropriate allocation of resources in law enforcement can ensure public safety and prevent abuses in encounters between police and other law enforcement officers and the public.

Unfortunately, across the nation and here in San Diego and Imperial counties, patterns of racial profiling, the selective enforcement of laws against people of color, and disturbing traffic- and pedestrian-stop policies have resulted in a disproportionate effect on communities of color and poorer communities.

Police Practices

Police Militarization (AB 3131)

Every year, billions of dollars’ worth of funding and military equipment flows from the federal government to state and local police departments. Local police have effectively been stockpiling wartime arsenals, with... Read More


California, Say Her Name

By Novella Coleman As stories of state violence against Black men and boys occupy many of the calls for police reform, countless stories of Black women and girls subjected to excessive force and police misconduct... Read More

Police Practices

California Senate Advances “Right to Know” Police Transparency Legislation with Bipartisan Support

Contact: Daisy Vieyra, 916-442-1036 x613 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 30, 2018 SB 1421 will open California police use of force records and records of officers found guilty of committing misconduct, like planting... Read More

Police Practices

Advocates Applaud Advancement of Bill to Open Police Misconduct Records in California

Contact: Daisy Vieyra, 916-442-1036 x613 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 25, 2018 Sacramento – Today, the California Senate Appropriations Committee advanced legislation to open law enforcement misconduct and use of... Read More

Police Practices

Advocates Pledge Support, Applaud Advancement of Police Transparency & Accountability Legislation

Sacramento - Today, the California Senate Committee on Public Safety approved legislation to open police use of force and misconduct records with five senators voting in support of the measure. In response, the... Read More