Join the ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Coutnies’ contingent at the 35th Annual San Diego Pride Parade on Saturday, July 18th!

All ACLU members, families, friends and colleagues are encouraged to participate. We will gather in Hillcrest near the DMV at 10 a.m. for pastries, coffee and juice. March begins at 11 a.m. Our exact spot is Zone G, space #44. To find us, use the entrance at Park Blvd. and Lincoln St.
[Shuttle and parking information.]

Eat breakfast, meet fellow marchers, thrill to the sound of 100,000 spectators cheering us on, and help spread the word to onlookers about the legalizing marriage for gay and lesbian couples, resulting in a flood of 18,000 happy couples securing their full rights; then a harrowingly close election in November, in which a small majority voted away those rights; and a nail-biting wait for the California Supreme Court to rule on the proposition’s legality–with unfortunate results.

To keep informed about the continuing fight to restore marriage equality in California,