Juvenile Justice

Criminal Justice and Drug Policy

Stop Criminalizing Adolescent Behavior (AB 901)

In far too many places across California, juvenile probation has become a knee-jerk reaction to young people who are simply having trouble in school or at home but who haven’t been accused of a crime. Criminalizing... Read More

Education Equity

Time to end ‘willful defiance’ expulsions, suspensions in K-12 education

Imagine this scenario: A student speaks out of turn in class and is immediately referred to the principal’s office then suspended from school for three days. This is the harsh reality of a catch-all school... Read More

Schools should be institutions of learning and safety...not over-policing.
Juvenile Justice

ACLU Statement On Lincoln High School Incident

The ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties is deeply concerned about an incident yesterday at Lincoln High School, in which a school police officer tased a student who is now facing charges in juvenile court and San... Read More

Featured Stories

Court Rules San Diego DA’s Denial of Sentencing Relief to Juveniles Unlawful

  SAN DIEGO – The 4th District Court of Appeal, in a stunning rebuke to San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, today ruled that Proposition 47’s sentencing reclassification provisions apply equally to... Read More


San Diego Juvenile Detention Facilities

The ACLU has decided to compile a list of all the juvenile detention facilities in San Diego county along with resources and a map in order to give people easy access to information. Instead of having to search the... Read More