Know Your Rights on May Day

On May 1, all across California and around the world, ordinary people will come together at parades, rallies, and festivals on May Day in celebration of the social and economic achievements of the labor movement, and in support of immigrants’ rights.

If you go, be sure to /wp-content/uploads/article/free%20speech%20&%20protest%20booklet.pdf” target=”_blank”>Free Speech, Protests, and Demonstrations in California to help you answer questions like these. Learn about your free-speech rights under the U.S. and California constitutions, know what to do if your rights have been violated, and know the limits to your rights–including what activities are or are not protected.

Remember: Speak out. Speak up. Speak freely.

Activists’ Guide

/wp-content/uploads/article/rights_of_demonstrators 1pg.pdf” target=”_blank”>rights_of_demonstrators 1pg.pdf