Border Litigation Project

Addressing the routine abuse of the human rights of migrants

The ACLU’s Border Litigation Project provides added visibility to abuses in the border region to force agencies to change their policies through the courts. It also encourages government decision makers to improve policies, practices, and precedent that affects transnational migrants in the border region.

Attorneys in San Diego, California, and Tucson, Arizona work with partners and allies to identify people victimized as a result of border abuses, and to develop border-wide litigation to seek accountability for shooting victims, challenge mistreatment of migrants, and limit detention of vulnerable migrant populations.

The Border Litigation Project has created a number of Know Your Rights materials. You can find those here.

The ACLU is investigating U.S. Border Patrol practices in San Diego and Imperial Counties to determine whether to pursue legal action, and if so, on what issues.

As part of that investigation, we are seeking information about problems community members have had with U.S. Border Patrol agents. If you have had an incident(s) you find troubling, please download this form and describe your experiences. [By submitting this form, it does not mean that the ACLU promises to take your case, represent you, or provide any legal advice, but we will get back to you as quickly as we can.] 

For more details, read the introduction to the form. Thank you for your time and for any information you provide. 

The ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties fights for individual rights and fundamental freedoms for all through education, litigation, & policy advocacy.