CBP is being inhumane in their treatment of asylum seekers.

A Woman With a Disability and PTSD Waited For an Asylum Interview.

By Mitra Ebadolahi, Border Litigation Project Staff Attorney at ACLU of San Diego and Imperial Counties (Originally posted on the @SDACLU Medium page) Last Thursday, March 17, Nicole Ramos, a U.S. immigration... Read More

Immigrant Rights

SDACLU’s Border Litigation Project Protests CBP’s Denial of Food to Asylum Seekers

Today, the ACLU of San Diego’s Border Litigation Project sent a complaint letter to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, protesting CBP’s denial of food to asylum seekers awaiting credible fear interviews at the San... Read More

Border Litigation Project: Complaint Form

The ACLU is investigating U.S. Border Patrol practices in San Diego and Imperial Counties to determine whether to pursue litigation, and if so, on what issues. If you have experienced a problem with U.S. Border... Read More

Immigrant Rights

ACLU v. Department of Homeland Security

  BACKGROUND The incidence of civil rights violations associated with Border Patrol's enforcement operations beyond the actual border and into the interior of the U.S.—including interior checkpoints and... Read More