Major Cases


Supreme Court Term More Liberal than Expected, ACLU Says

NEW YORK — The Supreme Court term that ended yesterday was more liberal than many had predicted and stranger than anyone could have anticipated,” said Steven R. Shapiro, the American Civil Liberties Union’s... Read More

Jewish War Veterans of the USA v. Hagel

BACKGROUND Since 1990, the ACLU continues to seek a constitutional solution to a long-standing controversy involving the Mt. Soledad Cross, a Christian cross sitting on top of La Jolla’s highest hill, and on... Read More

Immigrant Rights

ACLU v. Department of Homeland Security

  BACKGROUND The incidence of civil rights violations associated with Border Patrol's enforcement operations beyond the actual border and into the interior of the U.S.—including interior checkpoints and... Read More

Voting Rights

Department of Motor Vehicles

BACKGROUND The California Department of Motor Vehicles is violating the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) by failing to offer California drivers and identification card holders the opportunity to register to... Read More

Major Cases

Lopez-Venegas v. Johnson

BACKGROUND In 2012, the San Diego ACLU became aware of a practice in which immigration officials were routinely forcing immigrants to sign "voluntary return" forms, using misinformation, deception, and coercion to... Read More