Prevent Your Identity from Being Stolen

The following tips for reducing your exposure to identity theft are drawn primarily from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse:

    • Eliminate those annoying telemarketing calls: (888) 382-1222 or
    • Eliminate pre-approved credit card offers: (888) 567-8688 or
    • Opt-out of junk mail: or by mail. $1 fee.
    • Opt-out of most catalogues: (include name and current/last address)
    • Get and review your free credit report: or (877) 322-8228.
    • Get and review your free history of homeowner and auto insurance claims: (866) 312-8076 or (ask for your “CLUE Report”)
    • Get a free copy of the medical history the insurance companies have on you: (866) 692-6901 or
    • Stop marketers from using your Tax Assessor Records: (877) 774-2094 or
    • Block Caller ID: Have your phone company block your number, or dial *67 before each call.
    • Opt-out of electronic cookie-sharing with advertisers:
    • Sign up for the ACLU’s News and Action E-newsletter, sent twice a month, to stay up to date on privacy and other important civil liberties matters
    • And, most importantly, support the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse and the ACLU.