AB 2327 (Caballero-D)
Would require entities providing disaster-related assistance and services to provide all victims with the assistance and services they need and for which they are eligible, and that public employees assist evacuees without asking for information or documents which are not strictly necessary to determine eligibility for services under state or federal law.

AB 3050 (Assembly Judiciary Committee)
Requires any civil action or proceeding in which a party does not proficiently speak or understand the English language and for which the party is present, to have present an interpreter.


SB 1322 (Lowenthal-D)
Repeals language related to the Communist Party in the California Codes, and provides for a religious exemption to the loyalty oath required for to be taken by state employees.

SB 1370 (Yee-D)
Would prohibit retaliation of school employees who act to protect or refuse to infringe upon a student’s free speech rights. Additionally, the bill clarifies the law to permit students who are expelled or no longer enrolled in school at the time a lawsuit is to pursue civil action against the school for violation of free speech.


AB 2076 (Fuentes-D)
Would prohibit the State of California, or any city, county or special district from requiring an employer to use “E-verify”, the federal employment verification database, unless compelled by federal law.


AB 2747 (Berg-D)
Provides that when a physician determines that a patient has a terminal illness and less than one-year to live, they shall provide the patient, at his or her request, information and counseling regarding legal end-of-life options.

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