Prom Stories: Facing Discrimination, Overcoming Barriers

Because we’re so excited to welcome ACLU client Constance McMillen to headline our ACLU Pride activities this week, it got us thinking what prom experiences for LGBT students in the past were like.

What we appreciate about Constance’s story is her bravery and tenacity. She recently told the San Diego Gay and Lesbian, “I am a strong-minded, open-minded person, so I stood up for myself.”

In reflecting on the injustices that Constance faced, the ACLU started conversations with San Diegans about their memories of prom. . .some happy, some bittersweet, and some difficult. We’ll post a new story every day this week, culminating with Constance’s interview.

Today’s Story
Constance McMillen, ACLU client, Prom Year 2010

Yesterday’s Story
Carlos Marquez, Director of Community Programs and Public Affairs, San Diego LGBT Center, Prom Year 2002

Wednesday’s Bonus Afternoon Story!
Kelli Drimmel Magargal, Mother tells of daughter coming out, Prom Year 2010

Wednesday’s A.M. Story
John Husler, Owner, Lestat’s, Prom Year 1980

Yesterday’s Story
Murray Galinson, Director, Price Charities, Prom Year 1957

Monday’s Story
Ted Gideonse, Ph.D. candidate, Prom Year 1992

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