Prop 47: Change Your Record / Connect to Services


Saturday, August 20

10 am – 2 pm  

Second Chance

6145 Imperial Ave., San Diego, CA 92113  

Free legal services
& community resources fair

Do you or does someone you love have a low-level nonviolent felony on record? You may be able to reduce it to a misdemeanor under Prop. 47, the largest opportunity in U.S. history for people to change past felony convictions on their records. As many as one million people may qualify!

A number of organizations working in Southeast San Diego, the San Diego Public Defender, and volunteer lawyers are hosting a San Diego Prop 47 Justice & Resource Fair that brings legal and community resources to one spot to help everyone who would like to clean their criminal record start the process.

Lawyers will help file Prop 47 petitions or give free legal advice about criminal record changes. There will also be health screenings, mental health and rehab services, housing rights information, and even help with traffic tickets.

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If you have one of these felonies on your record:

  • Simple drug possession
  • Petty theft of $950 or less
  • Shoplifting of $950 or less
  • Forgery of $950 or less
  • Writing a bad check of $950 or less
  • Receiving stolen property of $950 or less

you may well qualify  to have the felony reduced to a misdemeanor because of Prop 47, a law passed by voters in 2014 that seeks to address issues in our broken criminal justice system.

Receive the following legal services:

  • If you bring your rap sheet and are eligible for Prop 47, assistance will be provided to file your petition for the reduction.
  • If you don’t have your rap sheet, you can begin the process of requesting it using Live Scan (fingerprints)
  • If you’re not eligible for Prop 47 relief, you can have a free legal consultation about criminal record change.

What to bring to clean your record:

  • Bring a valid government-issued ID (driver’s license, CA ID, passport, etc.)
  • Bring your rap sheet (criminal record)
  • $10 – $50 government fee, though you may qualify for Department of Justice fee waiver; some assistance will be provided

Sign up here for legal services at the fair

If you’re a lawyer and would like to volunteer for this community fair, please click here.

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This resource fair is in partnership with:

California Assembly Member Dr. Shirley Weber

justice4SD33   and