Resources for Immigrant Students

Our friends at Equality Alliance prepared a list of resources available to AB 540/Immigrant Students. It’s a terrific list that provides links to information about college admission, California Non-Resident Tuition Exemption Requests, scholarships, and University AB 540 Resource Guides.

Please visit Equality Alliance and San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium for more helpful information about immigrants’ rights and education equality.

College Admissions Information

UC Undergraduate Admissions

UC Graduate Admissions

CSU Admissions (Undergraduate and Graduate)

SDSU Transfer Admission Information

California Non-Resident Tuition Exemption Requests

Non-Resident Tuition Exemption Request


Justice Overcoming Boundaries:Roger Cazares Scholarship

Association of Raza Educators: Undocumented Student Scholarship

UC San Diego: Miguel Velez Scholarship Application

Chicano Organizing and Research in Education (CORE) Scholarship Program

CHIRLA: The Future of California Educational Opportunity Scholarship

Scholarship Contest: Save Me a Spot in College

Liberty Hill: Cal Dream Scholarship for Students Attending UC Berkeley

National Council of La Raza: Best Buy Emerging Latino Leaders Scholarship

University AB 540 Resource Guides

UC Santa Cruz EOP AB 540 Student Resource Site

CSU Long Beach AB 540 Resource Guide

CSU Long Beach Advisor Training PowerPoint

USC Center for Higher Education Policy Analysis: The College and Financial Aid Guide for AB 540 Students


MALDEF AB 540 Resource Site Preguntas Frecuentes Sobre la Ley AB 540
GREEN DOT Public Schools, Information for AB 540 Students
GREEN DOT: AB 540 Resource Guide
College Board: Advising Undocumented Students
Immigrant Legal Resource Center,Guide for Immigrant Youth Living in the United States (English)
Immigrant Legal Resource Center, GUÍA PARA JÓVENES INMIGRANTES (español)
The Education Consortium of San Diego County
San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium
American Civil Liberties Union
Employee Rights Center, (619) 521-1372 or 521-1313

Reports on Undocumented Students

College Board’s Young Lives on Hold: The College Dreams of Undocumented Students, in English
and en español
The Journal of College Admissions, featuring undocumented student issues
College Board’s The National Commission on Writing – Words have No Borders: Student Voices on Immigration, Language and Culture


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