Rights of the Poor


Administrative Fees (SB 144)

Right now, California law charges administrative fees to people who come in contact with the criminal justice system, including fees for public defenders, booking, mandatory drug testing, and costs related to a... Read More


ACLU Comment on Governor Newsom’s Proposal to Lengthen Paid Family Leave in California

Press Contact: Daisy Vieyra, 916.824.3266 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 10, 2019 SACRAMENTO-Today, California Governor Gavin Newsom introduced his budget proposal for the 2019-20 Fiscal Year. Included in the... Read More

Rights of the Poor

Defending the Rights of the Most Vulnerable

Poor people are one of the least powerful groups in the United States and their civil liberties are therefore always in a precarious state. The ACLU has historically defended the rights of the poor against government... Read More

Rights of the Poor

Right to Clean and Safe Schools, Textbooks, and Qualified Teachers

The ACLU, as part of a large coalition of civil rights groups, sued the state of California in 2000, alleging that California was negligent in assuring equal access to public education, since public schools serving poor... Read More