San Diego ACLU Urges City Residents: Vote Yes on Props B&C


The San Diego ACLU doesn’t often take a public stand on local propositions. But we support Props B & C because they seek to fix inequities in environmental justice that have fallen disproportionately on people who live in Barrio Logan. 

Stand for justice in Barrio Logan. Pledge to vote YES on Props B & C.

Barrio Logan created a community plan, which was vetted and duly passed by the San Diego City Council last fall. Issues addressed by the plan include the need to create a buffer zone between their homes and the toxins and industrial pollution, which result in asthma rates at three times the rate of the county.

The plan is on the June 3rd ballot because some entrenched business interests were unhappy with the City Council’s decision.

Most of us can agree that we wouldn’t be too happy if people in all the other neighborhoods across the city got to decide what was best for our own neighborhood.

Join the San Diego ACLU: VOTE YES ON PROPs B & C!