SB 1286 – Lifting the Veil of Secrecy on Police Misconduct and Use of Force

SB 1286 is a commonsense bill that will restore police transparency in California and improve accountability and trust in the men and women tasked with serving and protecting us.

Police wield far more power than most other public employees. They are authorized to detain, arrest, and even to kill in the discharge of their duties.  As a result, the taxpaying public has a greater need to know how they use that power — a greater need for transparency and accountability than with other employees.

Yet current law keeps the public from knowing the truth when officers, for example, kill someone or are accused of using their authority to commit sexual assault.

By lifting the veil of police secrecy, SB 1286 (Leno) will empower communities to hold police accountable, which is an important first step in addressing the ever-lingering suspicions that arise when decisions are made behind closed doors and never revealed to the public or to the victims and their families. 

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