SB 443 – No More Policing for Profit

SB 443 is an important bill that upholds and protects the American principles of fairness and due process in California.

For years, law enforcement agencies in the state have taken advantage of a loophole that lets them take innocent people’s cash and property, and then keep a portion of the loot through civil asset forfeiture laws.

Created during the heyday of the war on drugs, asset forfeiture laws were meant to take booty away from drug “kingpins” but have been perverted into an ongoing attack on Californians who can’t afford to fight the government in court, a burden that falls disproportionately on low-income people of color.

SB 443 (Mitchell) reins in the abuse by preventing cops from permanently taking someone’s money or property if the person hasn’t been convicted of a crime.

Click here for more details about the legislation and for stories of people whose lives were affected by the seizures.