Statement on Bilbray’s and Hunter’s Extremist Comments about Immigration

The following statement may be attributed to Kevin Keenan, Executive Director, ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties.

“It appears Arizona’s inhumane profiling law is already having a spill-over effect in California. San Diego Congressmen Bilbray and Hunter have made extremist and irresponsible comments about immigrants. It is not clear whether they are trying to fuel a flame or they lack courage to act responsibly. In either case, it is a dangerous game they are playing with America’s fundamental values and the liberties of anyone who looks or sounds foreign.”

Duncan Hunter’s Comments
April 24, 2010, Ramona, California Meeting

Audience member: “Would you support the deportation of natural born American citizens that are the children of illegal aliens?”
Duncan Hunter: “Would I support the deportation of natural born American citizens that are the kids of illegal aliens?”I would have to. Yes. Let me tell you why. It’s a complex issue, and you can look at this and say, you’re a mean guy. That’s a mean thing to do. That’s not a humanitarian thing to do. We simply cannot afford what we are doing right now…. [etc on costs]”

Rep. Brian Bilbray’s Comments, April 21, 2010, MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews”
Bilbray: “They will look at the kind of dress you wear, there’s different types of attire. There’s different type of attire, there’s different types of —- right down to the shoes, right down to the clothes. . . . It’s the whole situation. The environment, the manner, the clothing someone is wearing would be just one aspect.”

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