Strengthen Reproductive Care for People in Jails (AB 732)

California law and the U.S. Constitution require jails to provide health care for incarcerated persons, which includes reproductive health care. But across the state, we’re seeing that accessing adequate reproductive and pregnancy care in jails is often a frightening and traumatic experience.

Pregnant people who are incarcerated often receive biased, coercive information about their reproductive options, get substandard prenatal and postnatal care that endangers their health, and are denied reasonable accommodations that help ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy.

That’s why we need AB 732, which improves the quality of the healthcare and accommodations pregnant people receive in California’s jails.

Assemblymember Bonta

ACLU of California, California Latinas for Reproductive Justice, Women’s Policy Institute of the Women’s Foundation of California, Young Women’s Freedom Center

Bill Status [SIGNED]

Signed – Governor (09.30.2020)
Passed – Senate Floor (08.29.2020)
Approved – Senate Public Safety (07.31.2020)
Passed – Assembly Floor (01.28.2020)
Approved – Assembly Approriations (01.23.2020)
Approved – Assembly Public Safety (03.26.2019)
Introduced (02.19.19)