Supreme Court to Rule on Arizona’s Anti-Immigrant SB 1070 Any Day

We expect a Court decision on SB 1070’s constitutionality in Arizona v. United States any day between now and June 29th or so.  We hope for a positive outcome, but most analysts are predicting that the Court will uphold much of the law; most ominously the “show me your papers” provision requiring police to determine the immigration status of those they stop whom they have “reasonable suspicion” to believe are not in the country legally.

As the San Diego community did back when SB 1070 was passed in 2010, we are working to demonstrate the breadth and diversity of public and community opposition to Arizona’s approach to immigration, where people are subjected to questioning based on whether they “appear foreign.”  A crucial reason for a large and diverse opposition is that there are a slew of copycat anti-immigration legislation just waiting to be introduced in state houses across the country if SB 1070 is ruled constitutional.  While the Court’s decision in Arizona is not the last word on the constitutionality of SB 1070, we are anxious to dispel any fear there may be in communities of color who risk being racially profiled, whether citizens or immigrants, under laws like this.

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