Vote No on Proposition 8

The ACLU has worked for many decades to advance the civil rights of LGBT Californians, and we’re now more determined than ever to make sure that lesbian and gay couples are able to share in the security, dignity and respect of marriage in the decades to come.

We feel so strongly about this, that we were part of the legal team that successfully argued before the California Supreme Court that marriage rights should be extended to all Californians.

Marriage Equality is a Core Civil Liberties Issue
For defenders of civil liberties and civil rights, defeating Prop. 8 is critical because the initiative seeks to amend California’s Constitution to exclude a single group of people from a fundamental right.

Like freedom of speech and freedom of religion, the freedom to marry the person you love is an essential part of what it means to realize the promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Prop. 8 would also write inequality into our state Constitution, undermining our State’s guarantee of equal protection under the law—a core part of our Constitution.

It’s About Fairness
Banning loving couples from marrying doesn’t square with that most basic American value: fairness. Lesbian and gay couples who want to accept the responsibility that comes with marriage should be treated like everyone else.

At a time when so many political questions seem to divide us, it’s inspiring to see so many people united around the fundamental things that matter: equality, freedom, and fairness for all. For that reason, individuals and groups across the political spectrum have lined up against Prop. 8, regardless of how they personally feel about marriage.

Vow to vote no! And join ACLU members and allies across the state in taking an active part in the campaign to defeat Prop 8.

What Can I Do to Help Defeat Prop 8 and Support Marriage Equality?
We can’t allow inequality to be written into our state constitution. Join ACLU members and allies across the state in taking an active part in the campaign to defeat Prop 8:

1. Vow To Vote No on Prop. 8.

2. Contribute to the No On Prop 8: Equality for All campaign

3. Volunteer for a phone bank hosted by the ACLU. E-mail us to get a current listing of dates and times to volunteer.

4. Tell your friends, family, and coworkers about your feelings on Prop. 8! Make sure everyone you know is registered to vote, and if they’re not or are not sure that they are, send them to the County Registrar of Voters!