Welcome David Trujillo to the ACLU Family!


Microsoft Office Outlook - Memo StyleDavid Trujillo has spent his entire career fighting for social justice. He is profoundly experienced in community organizing, political campaigns and the legislative process. David joined the ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties this week as our new advocacy director, and will oversee our policy and community organizing teams.

Prior to joining the San Diego ACLU, David served as the public affairs director of Planned Parenthood Northern California. During his time at Planned Parenthood, he was part of the campaign teams that defeated a parental notification initiative in California and so-called “Fetal Personhood Amendments” in Montana and Mississippi.

David also helped pass legislation that made California the only state in the country in the last five years to expand access to birth control and abortion services.

David grew up in San Diego and has a degree in political science from the University of California, San Diego.

“In order to have social change, we first need to focus on developing the community,” David says. “If our work isn’t reflective and doesn’t relate to what the community needs and wants, any change created is not sustainable.”

David prides himself on embodying honesty and integrity, and is a firm believer of developing our leaders to maintain sustained change.

Because of these shared values and more, we know that David will be a welcome fit to our SDACLU family!