Welcome to the Prop 8 Lawsuit Blog

Welcome to ACLU-San Diego’s update blog on the litigation challenging Proposition 8. We are not aiming to blog at you too much. Rather we want to get you detailed information quickly.


We know that many people are following this important challenge very closely, and they want more information. We are hearing from members of the public gay and straight, married and unmarried who are deeply distressed.

Rightly so. Denying marriage equality strips couples of their right to be free from discrimination in exercising a fundamental right as the California Supreme Court recognized in its historic decision In Re Marriage Cases on May 15, 2008. But, Prop. 8 sought not only to reverse that progress. It also stripped every American of the confidence and security that every one of us is entitled to equal protection of the law.

That’s why we have petitioned the California Supreme Court to hold Prop. 8 invalid. The case is called Strauss et al v. Horton et al.

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We will post the legal briefs and court decisions, as well as provide other useful information. Already, you can find:
A helpful overview of the litigation,
– The expected timeline of the case, and
– Legal documents related to the case.

If you have questions, let us know at prop8@aclusandiego.org.